Sleep Series: Melatonin


Melatonin…? I think I’ve heard of that!

Melatonin is actually a hormone produced in the pineal gland. For those of you that don’t know, the pineal gland is in the brain. In simpler terms: Your brain regulates your sleep patterns. While melatonin is produced naturally by the body, sometimes we need to supplement* to help with our sleep cycles. And like everything else, source matters. You want to be sure your supplements are pure and of the highest quality. I have super high standards for what I want from a company, so I choose Young Living products for my sleep support.

A quick note– there are many lifestyle factors that affect melatonin production, release, and function. I encourage you to research the topic further if you are having trouble sleeping often. A good place to start: The Paleo Mom

Why is it important?

Melatonin helps your body naturally regulate the wake and sleep cycles. It is the thing that makes you feel sleepy at night before bedtime and what wakes your body up when its morning! Your body releases melatonin about 2 hours prior to going to sleep.

ImmuPro & SleepEssence

Support for Sleep with Young Living


SleepEssence softgels

With “sleep” directly in the name, its no shocker that Young Living’s SleepEssence is my first choice for getting a good night’s rest. Inside: lavender, valerian, vetiver, and melatonin. I like to take one about an hour before I know I’ll be getting into bed. The melatonin in the SleepEssence helps support your body’s natural wake & sleep cycles. The essential oils promote rest and relaxation, and creates a calming environment to naturally support sleep.


ImmuPro might not immediately come to mind when thinking about sleep support, but it is such an amazing product with multiple benefits! There is melatonin inside, which helps to regulate your body’s natural sleep rhythm. Not to mention all the support ImmuPro provides for your immune system & against oxidative stress. They come in chewable tablets, and have a slight wolfberry taste. There are other minerals- including zinc and selenium- that our bodies need for proper function. In colder months, I like to swap my nightly SleepEssence for the added immune support of ImmuPro. I’ll chew one about an hour or so before I go to sleep, and I get the powerhouse benefits and a restful night of sleep.

What have you done to support your sleep? Have you tried melatonin?


*ALWAYS consult your trusted healthcare professional or physician. None of the information in this post is intended to diagnose, prescribe, or treat. This article is for education purposes only. I am not a doctor, just a faithful product user.*