Essential Rewards


The Essential Rewards Program Explained

Why I Personally Love Essential Rewards:

  • I earn points back on all my daily essentials (no pun intended!). I basically get cash back on my shampoo, soaps, cleaning products, snacks, makeup, and of course essential oils to use on other products.
  • I can easily customize my orders and shipping dates each month.
  • Oh, and I get discounted shipping rates!
  • PLUS: Loyalty gifts ❤

Friends don’t let friends pay retail- so you got the membership. Best friends don’t let friends rely on quick order: get on essential rewards! It’s super easy. Find the tab in your Young Living Virtual Office (aka your account login homepage!) Follow the instructions to enroll. If you’re totally lost and need someone to walk you through it, contact me and I’ll be happy to help you out!


“New Point Accumulation” now live!