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Looking for wellness?

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The Premium Starter Kit – Your Intro to Wellness

If you’re interested in getting on the road to wellness, the most popular choice- and the choice I recommend- is to get started with Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit. This kit has everything you will need to get started. Complete with a collection of 10 of the most popular and versatile oils, an ultrasonic diffuser, and additional goodies, your Premium Starter Kit is an amazing value. This kit is offered to new members only, and at such a discount because Young Living wants us all to have access to essential oils!

Why Young Living essential oils?

Seed to Seal

Seed to Seal

Young Living offers us the highest quality essential oils on the market. How do they do this? Well, they have this really cool thing called Seed to Seal. It isn’t their slogan, its a promise to us that the purity, quality, and potency of our essential oils is unmatched.

More About Seed to Seal

One important thing to know about your essential oils is where they come from. Do you know the farmers growing those $4 bottles of oil on sale at WalMart? No. But with Young Living, we have the opportunity to visit the farms and meet the farmers. Young Living either owns their farms, or has exclusive partnerships with other farms where these quality standards are still ensured. No other essential oil company does this, and no other company has such high standards! Find out more about Seed to Seal here and on the Seed to Seal site.

Learn more about how essential oils are produced here.


How do I use them?

There are three basic ways to use your essential oils. Aromatic is simple- its when you inhale and breathe in the oils! You can do this a few different ways, either directly from the open bottle, rubbing a drop between your palms and cupping them to your face, or in your included diffuser. Topical means that the oils can be applied to your skin. Some oils will require a carrier oil before being applied to the skin. A carrier oil is any fatty oil- coconut, almond, grapeseed, olive oil in a pinch. Young Living also has their own carrier oil, V6, to make it easier for you. Use caution around little ones- always dilute with a carrier oil. The third way to use your essential oils is for internal consumption. This means they are safe to be eaten, or taken by capsule. Read more about how to use Young Living essential oils here.

So… What Do I Get?

Starter Kit oils

Premium Starter Kit oils

The Oils

When you receive your Premium Starter Kit, you will see your oils have two different types of labels. Half of the bottles have colored labels, and the other bottles have white labels. ALWAYS read your bottle labels before using! The white labels are Young Living’s way of meeting FDA labeling standards. The FDA only allows for bottles to be labeled for 2 uses. (Remember- there are 3 ways to use essential oils: topical, aromatic, and internal.) These white labels are used on oils that are part of Young Living’s Vitality line of essential oils. They are labeled safe for internal consumption.

The Vitality oils included in your Premium Starter Kit are:

  • DiGize – perfect if you’ve overindulged at the buffet, partied too hard, or have any stomach upset. Add to a shot of water or rub on your belly.
  • Lemon – add it to a glass of water, cook with it, diffuse it, clean with it
  • Peppermint – put it on your head when and where it hurts, add to hot cocoa, add to water for an energizing boost
  • Copaiba – add it to tea! or, add to capsules to support overall wellness
  • Thieves – this is your winter wellness #1- I rub a drop on the bottoms of my feet every day; other members of our team add it to their coffee!

Vitality oils

The oils in the bottles with colored labels are labeled for aromatic and/or topical use. These oils in your Premium Starter Kit include:

  • R.C. – replace your chest rub; try this if you’re stuffed up
  • Lavender – the “Swiss Army knife” oil, Lavender does everything and anything; its a must to diffuse before bed
  • Purification – use as spot-treatment for occasional acne; diffuse when it’s stinky (do you cook fish or seafood? have pets?)
  • Frankincense – great for skin support; diffuse for a sense of spirituality and meditation/grounding
  • PanAway – rub it where it hurts- sore muscles, head pain, sore feet, tired backs


These bulleted lists I have provided are just a drop in the oily ocean of ways to use your bottles. Since they are so versatile, there are all kinds of recipes and uses out there. Experiment and do some research on your own, and you’ll quickly find what works for you and your family. I promise- they are so easy to use!


Stress Away with roller top

Bonus! Stress Away

This will be your new go-to. I seriously wear it like perfume! With Lime, Vanilla, and Lavender, Stress Away is a relaxation powerhouse. Calms mommas & kiddos alike, and is perfect for dealing with people who drive you wacky. You Premium Starter Kit comes with a patented roller fitment top for your Stress Away so that you can literally roll your problems away. Stress Away is one oil I really can’t live without, and once you see it work its magic, you won’t be able to live without it either!


Dewdrop diffuser


Your Premium Starter Kit includes Young Living’s Dewdrop diffuser. Yes, the Dewdrop is the “basic” diffuser- but only in terms of how easy it is to use! This “basic” is really my favorite diffuser, even over its gorgeous sister the Aria. (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Aria! You can choose to upgrade your own kit to the Aria or Rainstone diffuser.) All you need to do to experience the benefits of essential oils: breathe! Your Dewdrop diffuser makes it even easier- fill it with water, add a few drops of your choice of oils, plug it in and press the button. That’s it. Hands-off and foolproof.

The fact that your Premium Starter Kit includes a diffuser is crazy! Young Living wants all of us to have access to essential oils, which is why we are able to get our starter kits for nearly half off their retail price. Seriously, this deal is nuts.

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NingXia Red

NingXia Red Singles

NingXia Red is Young Living’s antioxidant powerhouse supplement drink. It is full of fruit and essential oils that are chosen because of their ability to support your overall normal body function and wellness. These single packets are perfect for ensuring you get your nutrients on busy mornings! To learn more about NingXia Red, check out my NingXia Red post found here.

Other Goodies

Your Starter Kit will also come with sample essential oil packets and mini essential oil bottles for you to share with your friends, family, and coworkers. There’s also really great reference material for you to get started with!

Bonuses from Oiling in New England

When you choose to join our oily family, you will also have access to these additional resources:

  • invitation to my VIP Facebook group for members, where I share everything from facts and information to uses for oils and DIYs
    • I also do short Facebook Live classes on essential oils where you will have the opportunity to win some giveaways while you learn!
  • a wellness consultation with me, (in person for locals and via telephone for non-locals), where I help you see what you can do with your new oils
  • support from leaders- including me, and my team– who make themselves accessible and available to you and your needs
  • connection to a vast community of oilers who love to help new members out!

Get Your Premium Starter Kit

I’m ready to get started! Give me my wellness!

This is the best discount you can get from Young Living. This kit is a value of $317, and you get it all for $160. That’s nearly half off! Once you set up your membership, you will also be able to purchase additional essential oils and products at 24% off retail price. SCORE! Think of it like a Costco membership, but with greater benefits for you and your family.

Once you’ve decided to get started with natural wellness, click on this link and enter your information. My Sponsor and Enroller number (3239268) will already be filled in for you on the first page. Set up your Membership account, choose your Starter Kit, and you’re good to go! You also have the opportunity to get started with Essential Rewards– Young Living’s exclusive rewards program where you earn points back to redeem on products and oils! The majority of oilers are part of Young Living’s Essential Rewards- if you’re not quite sure yet, no worries. You can always sign up at a later time, and you can cancel at any time.

  • If you need any help with getting your Premium Starter Kit, send me an email at, or use the contact form below and I will walk you through the process. Include your name and telephone number and I will give you a phone call to help you if you need.

I can’t wait for you to join our oily family on your way to wellness!