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How Many Drops Per Bottle?


How Many Drops?

Two of the questions I get asked a lot: How many drops will I get out of my bottles? How long will the bottles last?

The answer to the former question is easy: One 15ml bottle contains an average of 250 drops of essential oil. Start off with one drop, and you will find that one drop is often all that you need. So, 250 drops really is a lot! The 5ml bottles have around 75-80 drops of oil.


The latter question is more complicated, and there really is no answer! Depending on what you are using the individual oils for will determine how long they will last you. Using Lavender every night means that you will use that oil more quickly than something like DiGize that you are “saving for tummy troubles.” (Which- bonus tip- have you tried diffusing DiGize? Not just for “bad bellies” anymore!)

Price Per Drop

If you’re like me, you will want to know the price per drop of all your oils. Once you join the Oiling in New England Team, I will share with you this document- yes, I went through and priced out all the Young Living oils! (If you can handle basic math and a spreadsheet, this is an easy task.) I was shocked to find what an incredible deal they are. Because they are so concentrated, essential oils are a great value, especially when you stick to the “start-with-one-drop” rule. You can rest assured that not only are essential oils a great value for your health and wellness, but they are also an amazing value for your wallet and budget!


How Do You Use Your Bottles?

I use three drops of Lavender in my diffuser each night. Since there are 250 drops in each bottle, one 15ml bottle of Lavender will last me about 83 days, if this were the only way I was using it! EIGHTY THREE DAYS. That’s a pretty darn good deal, if you ask me. I use my Lavender for a million other things, but I do have a designated “bedroom bottle” that will be lasting me this long. Check out these other uses, shared by Young Living:


How about you? How do you use your bottles?

Share below- I’d love to hear your favorite uses for your oils!